Dear Assurance Clients:

At the risk of sounding cliché, I genuinely hope this message finds you, your families and your colleagues in good health. These are scary times for everyone. Business and financial interests aside, I’m certain your primary concern as a leader is the same as mine: ensuring your employees are as safe and healthy as possible, and able to meet the needs of your own clients.

As company executives, I know we all have tough decisions ahead as we look to mitigate the health and economic turmoil of these truly unprecedented times. I want you to know that, through it all, your partners at Assurance will be here to help in any way we can. Back on April 1, I announced Assurance had joined with Marsh & McLennan Agency. As it turned out, our new affiliation with the largest risk management company in the world has provided us incredible access to resources and information to support our service efforts. We also gained the stability and backing of a Fortune 250 company who’s committed to serving clients over the long run, whatever it takes.

Here at Assurance, our mantra “minimizing risk and maximizing health” has taken on an entirely new level of urgency. Our professionals are attempting to not only help our clients navigate the implications this virus has on their insurance policies, employee benefit programs and retirement plans, but we’re also dedicating ourselves to deliver the resources you need to help you consider the risk implications for weathering this economic storm.

As your partner, I want you to know that if you need to lean on Assurance in these challenging times in ways you haven’t before, our 500+ employees are standing by in their remote offices, ready to help. Now, more than ever, I hope you’ll view us as extensions of your own team. I hope you know you can call on us any time, and count on us all the time to be there for you.

Stay safe and stay resilient. We’re in this together.


Tony Chimino