Maggie Cebular: 'A' Team Extraordinaire

Medieval poetry and Lady Gaga don’t exactly mesh, but Maggie Cebular is able to enjoy both with equal enthusiasm. In fact, her passion for insurance (and just about everything else) has landed her a spot on the Assurance ‘A’ Team.

Maggie’s career with Assurance started in 2010, when she joined us in Schaumburg as an Insurance Support Coordinator. Between then and now, she’s enjoyed roles such as Benefits Account Coordinator, Customer Service Representative, and Senior Customer Service Representative and is now an Account Manager. Before joining Assurance, Maggie had graduated college and found herself not knowing where to begin her career. Now, she’s a self-described “insurance nerd” who enjoys the constant learning experiences, the challenges that the insurance industry provides, and the people. “I will be forever grateful for the friendships that I have made through Assurance,” said Maggie, “When people say that their favorite thing about Assurance is the people; that is the truth.”

Maggie recently moved to Roselle, Illinois, a small town that cuts her commute to our Schaumburg office by more than half. For those of you travelling through downtown Roselle, she recommends a wine bar called 1913, that has a great atmosphere and greater wine. Maggie is also a bookworm who’ll read anything "from Dante to People Magazine." Her favorite books are To Kill a Mockingbird and Brave New World. Heavy themes, right? But Maggie asserts, “The emotions and social commentary in these stories keep them captivating and relevant in any time period.” We love the positivity, Maggie. That’s why you’re on the ‘A’ Team.

What's your current position?
Account Manager.
Have you held any other roles at Assurance?
Yes! Between Insurance Support Coordinator and Account Manager, I've held Account Coordinator, Client Service Representative and Senior Client Service Representative roles.
What do you love most about working at Assurance?
The people. You don't feel like you're going to work because we have fun together.
Favorite Assurance event? Why?
Trick 'or' Treating at Assurance. All of the costumes are so cute, candy pizza, and a relaxed atmosphere - it's the perfect mix!
Favorite #AssurancePerks?
Getting the day off for your birthday.
What motivates you as an Assurance 'A' Team member?
I like to do a good job for the self-satisfaction. I also want to work hard for my team and company as a whole because I see others doing the same. 

Favorite song on your workplace playlist?
"Just Dance" by Lady Gaga.
One word that your coworkers describe you as?
Favorite restaurant or bar in the city?
Amber in Westmont.
We’re so excited to have Maggie as a part of the ‘A’ Team and look forward to charting her continued growth with Assurance. Interested in joining our 'A' Team? Check out our entry-level insurance support coordinator position listing and other experienced professional openings here!

How long have you been working at Assurance?
Since 2010.