Protect your family like you protect your business.
An estimated 8-10 million households with financially successful families are currently underserved by standard insurance companies.

Those with a lot to protect deserve customizable, premium insurance and a premium level of
service. There is a misconception that having
high-end coverage from a premium carrier is
more complicated and expensive. That's often
not the case.

For those with significant assets to protect, it's
not just coverage. It's craftmanship.

Compare the experience between premium
and standard insurance providers. 

Meet Our Expert
Alma Rodriguez is the Manager of Private Client Services at Assurance.

With over 22 years of experience, Alma specializes in working with private insurance clients to identify circumstances that put their wealth at risk and provides comprehensive tailored insurance solutions to eliminate exposures. Alma excels in relationship building both with her own team and amongst her clients.

Take 15 minutes to connect with Alma and learn more about world-class services for your lifestyle.

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