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Exploring the three types of wellness programs.
We are passionate about learning and provide educational webinars for instant playback.

Duration: 55 minutes
Duration: 53 minutes
Reducing workers’ comp claims through integrity testing.
Duration: 38 minutes
Duration: 62 minutes
Get the tools to become a best place to work and achieve ROI.
Duration: 59 minutes
Get steps to reduce exposure of this very real and frightening risk.
Duration: 62 minutes
Understand the characteristics of effective crisis leadership.
Duration: 86 minutes
Information on the final ACA regulations.
Duration: 83 minutes
ACA Update for Staffing Agencies.
Duration: 42 minutes
Learn about EPL Insurance and how it can protect your business from lawsuits.
Duration: 47 minutes
The 'big picture' in effective risk management.
Duration: 53 minutes
Recent transitional guidance scenarios and how they may be applicable to your company.
Duration: 50 minutes
Detailed exploration of certificate tracking.
Duration: 50 minutes
Learn how to control WC costs in a hard market.
Duration: 55 minutes
How to calculate if you're a "large employer."
Duration: 64 minutes
Defining Variable Hour Employees and exploring effective implementation of
safe harbors.
Duration: 84 minutes
Ensuring your understanding of the reporting requirements.
Duration: 55 minutes
Review insurance solutions and tips for compliance.
Drive safety program performance in your organization.
Duration: 48 minutes
Duration: 47 minutes
Review the Pros and cons.
Duration: 88 minutes
Review recent cases.
Protection from controllable losses.